Case Studies.

Case Study 1.

  • Security: Hotel
  • Loan Size: £6m
  • Location: East London

Our client approached Castlehill Capital to raise funding for the renovation of a disused warehouse in east London.  The client had purchased the site and had begun part of the demolition. As soon as full planning consent for the hotel was approved Castlehill Capital were able to provide the client with access to a £6m facility to be drawdown as for was completed. The project was completed successfully on budget and on time.

Case Study 2.

  • Security: Residential Properties
  • Loan Size: £1.8m
  • Location: West London

Our client approached us to help release equity from his assets in order to purchase a new house and pay off an existing bridging loan.

We were able to take a 2nd charge over his current resident and a 1st charge over his unencumbered B2L property and also the property he was purchasing.

There was enough equity released to compete the purchase of the house and pay off the existing bridging loan before it went into default. The loan was then duly redeemed when the client completed the sale of his house.

Case Study 3.

  • Security: Office Block (Occupied)
  • Loan Size: £9m
  • Location: Edinburgh

A desirable commercial property in the heart of Edinburgh suddenly became available and our client needed to move exceptionally quick to secure it.

Properties of this nature and in this location seldom became available therefore it was crucial that the underwriting and credit process was carried out quickly and efficiently.

Within 24 hours we had set up a meeting with client, issued credit backed terms and arranged for the val report to be re-adressed. The legal work was prioritised and completed rapidly. Enabling the client to complete the purchase within a 5 day turnaround.